THE HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H) – The Last Prophet – Who was Muhammad? The life of Muhammad

Who was Muhammad?
Muhammad was a prophet and founder of Islam At the age of 40, he began to receive revelations from Allah which became the basis of the Koran and the basis of Islam. In 630 he united most of Arabia under one religion

THE HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H)-Who was Muhammad? The life of Muhammad and The Last Prophet
The Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H)

The life of Muhammad
Muhammad was born about 570 AD in Makkah. Her father died before she was born and she was first raised by her grandfather and then by her uncle. He belonged to the poorest but most respected family of Koreans.
Many tribes living in the Arabian Peninsula at that time roamed the country, selling goods as they crossed the desert. Many nations believed in the worship of many gods, and they worshiped their own gods. It is believed that it was built by Abraham (Ibrahim of Islam) and his son Ismail. The people of Mecca are slowly turning to idol worship and idolatry. Of all the gods worshiped, it is believed that Allah was considered the greatest and devoid of image.
At a very young age, Muhammad worked in a camel room, following in the months of many of his peers, who were born with a small fortune. Working for his uncle, he acquired commercial knowledge while traveling to Syria and eventually from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. In time, Muhammad established himself as a man of integrity and integrity, earning the nickname “al-Amin” meaning loyalty or trustworthiness.

In her 20s, Muhammad started working for a wealthy businesswoman named Khadija, who was 15 years old. She was immediately attracted to the young man, who was working hard and promoting marriage.
The Prophet Muhammad
Muhammad was also very religious, sometimes taking a trip to a holy shrine near Mecca. During his 610 visit, he meditated in a cave on Mount Jabal aI-Nour. The angel Gabriel appeared and conveyed the word of God: “Sing to the name of your Lord, who created you, who created man in his image! What your master says is very generous…. ”. Many Muslim historians believe that Muhammad was initially disturbed by revelations and that he did not disclose them openly for several years. However, Shi’a tradition claims to have received a message from Angel Gabriel and was strongly encouraged to share his knowledge with other potential believers.
.. In the last major battle, The Battle of the Trench and Siege of Medina, Muhammad and his followers won and signed a treaty. The agreement was broken by Meccan partners the following year. By that time, Muhammad was still in great power and the remaining power had gone from the Meccan leaders to him. In 630, a new Islamic army marched into Mecca, capturing the city and wounding it. Muhammad granted amnesty to many Meccan leaders who opposed him and forgave many others. Many Meccans have converted to Islam. Muhammad and his followers then proceeded to destroy all the idols of the pagan gods of the Kaaba and its environs.
The death of Muhammad
When he returned to Medina at his wife’s house, he was ill for a few days. He died at the age of 62, and was buried at al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) one of the first temples built by Muhammad in Medina.

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