What Does Salah Means? Prayer is important for Muslims

Prayer is one of the most important aspects of Islamic worship. Muslims consider prayer to be an important part of their lives. Prayer, in addition to the evidence of faith, the journey to Mecca, the paying of taxes and the fast during Ramadan, form the most important model of Islamic religious life. Salah is a ritual prayer that is highly elevated in the Muslim army. It is a daily ritual practice performed five times a day by all Muslims. One of the origins of the word Salah is the basic word Silat which means to communicate or communicate. This means that prayer draws the servant closer to his Creator. It is also believed that the name Salah is derived from Silat, which probably means one of the names of the fire when it is said in the context, “The wood is burned with fire.”
Prayer time cannot be shorter than 3 minutes. The length of time depends on the individual and the country, sometimes the person likes to pray a lot. Muslims view many activities in life as serving as cleaning your house, working. In prayer there is a pattern in which people kneel and bow a few times and repeat the words of the Quran. Each prayer has a specific number of knees and bows, so some prayer times are longer than others. The mosque is used separately during the Friday “Jumha” prayer service; people pray and listen to the expression “kutbah” afterwards. The Quran as a sacred object is used to pray when a person stands to recite the holy words of Allah.
. It is possible that the human body is healthy but that the person is spiritually dead.
Salah: The Second Pillar of Islam
Salah, also known as namaz, is the second pillar of Islam and a daily obligation to all Muslims over the (mature) age.

What Does Salah Means? Prayer is important for Muslims
Importance of prayer in Muslim’s life

What Does Salah Mean?
SWT; an act specifically mentioned in the Holy Qur’an with various rules and regulations around it.

Making Salah
The process of making salah is complicated. Muslims should wear certain types of clothing that keep their bodies covered, looking at Mecca before they start and should recite verses and verses from the Qur’an in certain places.

Rules, Guidelines and Facts About Salah
Making salah is a process with a specific structure and set of principles to be followed.

First, there are five different daily prayers that must be offered; are as follows:

Fajr – this is done before sunrise
Zohr – this is done during the day
Asr – this is done between Zohr and sunset
Maghrib – this is done at sunset
Isha – this is done between Maghrib and midnight
These are obligatory prayers; there are many other prayers that Muslims can offer voluntarily for our benefit.
All prayers begin with the meaning of adhaan which means to be called to prayer. The act of Salah itself is a conversation between you and your Lord and does not benefit anyone other than you.

Each Salah prayer has several rakaat (units), which are divided throughout the day as follows:

Fajr – 2 rakaat (units)
Zohr – 4 rakaat (units)
Asr – 4 rakaat (units)
Maghrib – 3 rakaat (units)
Isha – 4 rakaat (units)
A Muslim can voluntarily donate units if he wishes in the form of nafil prayers.

Many people choose to pray at the local mosque in the congregation while others prefer to pray at home or at work.

If a person is traveling or walking in his or her hometown, special provisions are made to facilitate prayer.

Also, any form of prayer in Islam is performed while looking towards Mecca, where the Holy Ka’aba resides. This position can be obtained using a compass.

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