Hajj (pilgrimage of Muslim life in Mecca)


The Hajj is a single pilgrimage of Muslim life in Mecca. It is located in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East in Asia. Hajj should be performed at least once in the life of a Muslim.. It took place in the month of Dhul Hijjah, which is the twelfth month in the Islamic calendar.

. During the Hajj, pilgrims perform acts of worship, and ask for forgiveness. The Kaba plays a major role in the Hajj; is a center, because Muslims surround it seven times. Ibrahim and his son Ismail built Kaba,… show more content…
One of the reasons is that the Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is a compulsory service for a Muslim. It is done to show the true faith and belief of Islam.

Many Muslims save all their lives to Hajj. Muslims go for Hajj because they feel that it makes them closer to Allah and pure inside. People go on hajj because they say if you go all your sins will be forgiven. Like a new beginning for Islam, people go to a new beginning and forget their own

the evil of the past. It says in the Quran, “Make a pilgrimage and visit Allah”

hajj(pilgrimage of Muslim life)
hajj(pilgrimage of Muslim life)

The Importance of Hajj

La ilah illa Allah; Muhammad rasul Allah! “This simple confession of faith to a Muslim is the foundation on which his whole life will be spent”We see, from the outset, that there is no stumbling block in interpreting or interpreting one’s position in relation to Islam. argued and argued in the Council; indeed, the word Islam itself means “devotion” or “submission”; that submission is the will of Allah. proclamation of the Faith that every Muslim has what is precious in his heart. Hajj is the ultimate experience. Hajj escape! It is a visit to Mecca where waiting for the Black Stone, the Ka’ba, the Arafat Plain, Zamzam Well, the stoning of Satan! Hajj, is a sense of devotion that requires human trust and deep humility, and as a result, all Muslims are expected to take the Hajj. The Quran was recited to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, and points to Muslim2 Hadith’s morality. As of 6/9/02 Islamic figures number between 900 million and 1.3 billion, with one billion more often given to the religion of comparative writing for those with religious knowledge all nature can express itself as a national saint. The supporter is now preparing for his meeting with Allah, his point of sacrificing the world. Now well-dressed, he enters Mecca, where he has to make a seven-point march around the Ka’ba in a counter-clockwise direction, (tawaf) beginning with the kiss of the Black Stone, an object mounted on the east wall of Ka. ‘ba. From here, the traveler ‘runs’ seven times between the two hills; Safa and Marwa inside the Great Mosque, this represents the search for Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, to find her son the water he found at the Zam Zam well, also inside the Great Mosque. From here the pilgrim returns to the Ka’ba where he will once again perform tawaf

The events of Hajj
Many people go to Hajj because they were raised thinking that the house of Allah is the only place on earth. People who complete it are happy with the titles of Hajji (male) and Hajja (female). Muslims may want to go on hajj to strengthen their belief in Allah and learn more about Islam.Two white seamless sheets wrapped around the body, while for women it can be worn with embroidered garments. Visitors do not cut their hair or cut their hair until the end of the visit. They enter Mecca seven times around the holy temple called the Kaaba, the Great Mosque, kiss or touch the Black Stone (al-Ḥajar al-Aswad) of the Kaaba, pray twice towards Maqām Ibrāhīm and the Kaaba, and run seven times between the small Mount āfah and Mount Haifa Mountains. On the seventh day of Dhū al-Ḥijjah pilgrims are reminded of their deeds. In the second phase of the ritual, which occurs between 8 and 12 days of the month, the pilgrim visits the temples outside Mecca – Jabil al-Ramah, Muzdalifah and Mina – and offers an animal in remembrance of Abraham’s sacrifice. The heads of male pilgrims are then regularly trimmed, and female pilgrims remove the lock of hair. After the ram ritual in Mina, when pilgrims throw seven stones at three walls (formerly, symbolizing the Devil) for three consecutive days, the pilgrim returns to Mecca to say goodbye to the āawāf, or roundabout, of the Kaaba before leaving the city.
How many people perform Hajj everyear?
Nearly two million people perform the hajj each year, and the festival serves as a unifying force in Islam by bringing followers of various backgrounds together for a religious ceremony. When the believer has finished his journey, he may add isihlokoājj or ḥajjī (male) or ḥājjah (female) to his name. The journey, if done well, is believed to erase the past sins of the sincere believer.

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