Allah is one.

Allah is one.

Truth has many facts. Endless truth has endless speeches. Though intellectuals speak in different ways, they convey the same Truth. Allah is messenger.

One Absolute Truth. One God; The Untouchable Cause of the Universe.

The God (Allah) we worship is not a special God: He is your God (Allah), and mine, theirs and ours. He is the King of the World to any man, of any religion.

There are countless meanings of Allah (God) because His revelation is innumerable. Prophet saw is our messenger.

And without a doubt, we are beyond our bodies. There is more to our earthly life than just surviving, being, and running short stories.


Real, sustainable fulfillment of purpose, purpose and purpose can only be achieved, if we rediscover it, and live by the Truth of what the universe says so clearly, clearly and concisely that we proclaim within, and around us.

The grace of Allah (and God), and the Beneficial Guide are not racial, social, sexual, and family freedom. Each one must sincerely strive for this Eternal Happiness. The Qur’an is the holy book. paradise gives whom Muslims who bring heaven.

Allah is one
Allah is one

Our success or failure individually or collectively, prosperity or failure, peace and fulfillment, or suffering, and destruction depends on one’s respect and understanding of the Beneficial Guide of Allah (God).

And even though Allah (God) is not visible in this realm of life, He has left countless testimonies of His Own people who do not know, be inspired and empowered by Him; if they only look. revealed gabriel is messenger.

Here are 7 (seven) global categories and gateways / platforms for a clear and better construction of the “Basic Understanding” in accepting the Truth about; our Creator, our birthright, our true nature and our true identity, our purpose and mission as we walk through this test phase of our earthly existence into the eternal reality of life as in the presence of Allah (God).

Let the journey begin!

Observing and observing the wonders of the world; from the smallest subatomic particles to the vast expanses of space (from the universe within the individual to the cosmos) – their intricate and precise order, limited, universal harmony and unity of design, reveals, glorifies, testifies, declares, and points to the existence of “One Magnificent, Transcendent, Omnipresent (omnipresent), Omnipotent (infinite power) and Supreme Creator in Love”.

1 The quest for truth


Identity of God

One God, Many Names.


The guidance of Allah

An Eternal Invitation.


Outstanding Quran

Miracle, Testimony and Treasurer of Eternal Truth.


In the Pursuit of Prestige

Raise Your Standards, Raise Your Life.


International Citizenship

Life Worth LIVING – Life Worth LEAVING.


Choose your future

Choice – No Religious Compulsion.


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