Hazrat Abu Bakr(The first Caliph of Islam)

Hazrat Abu Bakr(The first Caliph of Islam)

Abu Bakr Abdullah ibn Othman Abi Quhafa, was the dearest friend and, through his little girl Aisha, a dad in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, just as the principal caliph of Islam. He is decently known as Siddiq.

Birth on: October 27, 573 AD, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Passed on: August 23, 634 AD, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Complete name: Abū Bakr aṣ-Ṣiddīq ‘Abdallāh container Abī Quḥāfah

Companion: Asma bint Umais

Kids: Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, MORE

Guardians: Uthman Abu Quhafa, Salma Umm al-Khair

Abu Bakr became one of the primary believers to Islam and widely contributed his abundance on the side of Muhammad’s work. He was among Muhammad’s nearest companions,[2] going with him on his movement to Medina and being available at some of his tactical struggles, like the skirmishes of Badr and Uhud.


Following Muhammad’s demise in 632, Abu Bakr succeeded the initiative of the Muslim people group as the main Rashidun Caliph.[3] During his rule, he conquered various uprisings, all things considered known as the Ridda battles, because of which he had the option to solidify and extend the standard of the Muslim state over the whole Arabian Peninsula. He likewise directed the underlying invasions into the adjoining Sassanian and Byzantine domains, which soon after his passing, would ultimately bring about the Muslim successes of Persia and the Levant. Abu Bakr kicked the bucket of sickness following a rule of 2 years, 2 months and 14 days.

Hazrat Abu Bakr(The first caliph of islam)
Hazrat Abu Bakr(The first caliph of islam)

Early life


Abu Bakr was brought into the world in Mecca at some point in 573 CE, to a rich family in the Banu Taym clan of the Quraysh ancestral confederacy. His dad’s name was Uthman and given the laqab Abu Quhafa, and his mom was Salma bint Sakhar who was given the laqab of Umm ul-Khair.


He spent his youth like other Arab offspring of the time, among the Bedouins who called themselves Ahl-I-Ba’eer individuals of the camel, and fostered a specific affection for camels. In his initial years he played with the camel calves and goats, and his adoration for camels acquired him the epithet (kunya) “Abu Bakr”, the dad of the camel’s calf.


Like different offspring of the rich Meccan shipper families, Abu Bakr was proficient and fostered an affection for verse. He used to go to the yearly reasonable at Ukaz, and take an interest in poetical symposia. He had an excellent memory and had a decent information on the ancestry of the Arab clans, their accounts and their politics


A story is saved that once when he was a youngster, his dad took him to the Kaaba, and requested that he ask before the symbols. His dad disappeared to go to some other business, and Abu Bakr was left alone. Tending to an icon, Abu Bakr said “O my God, I am needing excellent garments; offer them on me”. The icon stayed uninterested. Then, at that point he tended to another icon, saying, “O God, give me some heavenly food. See that I am so ravenous”. The icon stayed cold. That depleted the tolerance of youthful Abu Bakr. He lifted a stone, and, tending to an icon, said, “Here I am pointing a stone; in case you are a divine being ensure yourself”. Abu Bakr flung the stone at the icon and left the Kaaba.[12] Regardless, it recorded that preceding changing over to Islam, Abu Bakr rehearsed as a hanif and never venerated symbols.

Acknowledgment of Islam


On his return from a work excursion in Yemen, companions educated him that in his nonattendance, Muhammad had pronounced himself the courier of God and announced another religion. The student of history Al-Tabari, in his Ta’rikh al-Tabari, cites from Muhammad ibn Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas, who said:


I found out if Abu Bakr was the first of the Muslims. He said, ‘No, in excess of fifty individuals accepted Islam before Abu Bakr; yet he was better than us as a Muslim. What’s more, Umar ibn Khattab had accepted Islam after 45 men and 21 ladies. Concerning the first one in the issue of Islam and confidence, it was Ali ibn Abi Talib.


Different Sunni and all Shi’a Muslims keep up with that the subsequent individual to openly acknowledge Muhammed as the courier of God was Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first being Muhammad’s better half Khadija. Ibn Kathir, in his Al Bidaya Wal Nihayah, dismisses this. He expressed that the primary lady to accept Islam was Khadijah. Zayd ibn Harithah was the primary liberated slave to accept Islam. Ali ibn Abi Talib was the main youngster to accept Islam, for he has not arrived at the time of pubescence around then, while Abu Bakr was the primary free man to accept Islam.

Resulting life in Mecca


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His better half Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza didn’t acknowledge Islam and he separated from her. His other spouse, Um Ruman, turned into a Muslim. Every one of his youngsters acknowledged Islam with the exception of Abdul-Rahman, from whom Abu Bakr disassociated himself. His change additionally carried many individuals to Islam. He convinced his close companions to convert,[18][19] and introduced Islam to different companions so that large numbers of them additionally acknowledged the confidence. The individuals who changed over to Islam at the demand of Abu Bakr were

Uthman Ibn Affan (who might turn into the third Caliph)

Al-Zubayr (who had an impact in the Muslim victory of Egypt)

Talha Ibn Ubayd-Allah

Abdur Rahman receptacle Awf (who might stay a significant piece of the Rashidun Caliphate)

Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (who had an influence in the Islamic triumph of Persia)

Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah (who remained president of the Rashidun armed force in Syria )

Abu Salama (Abdullah receptacle Abdul Asad)

Khalid ibn Sa’id

Abu Hudhaifah ibn al-Mughirah

Abu Bakr’s acknowledgment end up being an achievement in Muhammad’s main goal. Subjection was normal in Mecca, and many slaves acknowledged Islam. At the point when a standard free man acknowledged Islam, in spite of resistance, he would partake in the insurance of his clan. For slaves, in any case, there was no such insurance and they usually experienced oppression. Abu Bakr felt sympathy for slaves, so he bought eight (four men and four ladies) and afterward liberated them, paying 40,000 dinar for their freedom.

The men were:

Bilal ibn Ribah

Abu Fakih

Ammar ibn Yasir

Abu Fuhayra

The ladies were:



Umm Ubays

Harithah bint al-Muammil

The vast majority of the slaves freed by Abu Bakr were either ladies or old and delicate men. At the point when the dad of Abu Bakr asked him for what good reason he didn’t free solid and youthful slaves, who could be a wellspring of solidarity for him, Abu Bakr answered that he was liberating the slaves for God, and not for the good of his own

Relocation to Medina


Principle article: Hijra (Islam)

In 622, on the greeting of the Muslims of Medina, Muhammad requested Muslims to relocate to Medina. The relocation started in clusters. Ali was the last to stay in Mecca, endowed with liability regarding settling any credits the Muslims had taken out, and broadly rested in the bed of Muhammad when the Quraysh, drove by Ikrima, endeavored to kill Muhammad as he dozed. In the interim, Abu Bakr went with Muhammad to Medina. Because of the peril presented by the Quraysh, they didn’t take the street, however moved the other way, taking asylum in a collapse Jabal Thawr, around five miles south of Mecca. Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr, the child of Abu Bakr, would pay attention to the plans and conversations of the Quraysh, and around evening time he would convey the news to the criminals in the cavern. Asma bint Abi Bakr, the little girl of Abu Bakr, brought them dinners each day.[27] Aamir, a worker of Abu Bakr, would carry a group of goats to the opening of the cavern each night, where they were drained. The Quraysh sent pursuit parties every which way. One party approached the passage to the cavern, however couldn’t see them. Because of this, Quran section 9:40 was uncovered. Aisha, Abu Saʽid al-Khudri and Abdullah ibn Abbas in deciphering this refrain said that Abu Bakr was the partner who remained with Muhammad in the cavern.


Subsequent to remaining at the cavern for three days and three evenings, Abu Bakr and Muhammad continue to Medina, remaining for quite a while at Quba, a suburb of Medina.


Life in Medina


In Medina, Muhammad chose to develop a mosque. A real estate parcel was picked and the cost of the land was paid for by Abu Bakr. The Muslims, including Abu Bakr, developed a mosque named Al-Masjid al-Nabawi at the site. Abu Bakr was matched with Khaarij ah receptacle Zaid Ansari (who was from Medina) as a sibling in confidence. Abu Bakr’s relationship with Khaarijah was generally welcoming, which was additionally reinforced when Abu Bakr wedded Habiba, a little girl of Khaarijah.[citation needed] Khaarijah container Zaid Ansari inhabited Sunh, a suburb of Medina, and Abu Bakr likewise settled there. After Abu Bakr’s family shown up in Medina, he purchased another house close to Muhammad’s.


While the environment of Mecca was dry, the environment of Medina was soggy and along these lines, the vast majority of the transients fell debilitated on appearance. Abu Bakr gotten a fever for a few days, during which time he was gone to by Khaarijah and his family. In Mecca, Abu Bakr was a discount merchant in fabric and he began a similar business in Medina. He opened his new store at Sunh, and from that point material was provided to the market at Medina. Before long his business prospered. Ahead of schedule in 623, Abu Bakr’s girl Aisha, who was at that point connected with to Muhammad, was given over to Muhammad in a basic wedding function, further reinforcing relations between Abu Bakr and Muhammad

Demise of Muhammad


There are various customs with respect to Muhammad’s last days which have been utilized to build up the possibility of the extraordinary kinship and trust which is said to have existed among him and Abu Bakr. In one such scene, as Muhammad was approaching demise, he got himself incapable to lead supplications as he normally would. He trained Abu Bakr to have his spot, disregarding worries from Aisha that her dad was excessively sincerely fragile for the job. Abu Bakr hence took up the position, and when Muhammad entered the petition lobby one daytime during Fajr supplications, Abu Bakr endeavored to venture back to let him to assume up his typical position and lead. Muhammad, in any case, permitted him to proceed. In a connected occurrence, around this time, Muhammad climbed the platform and tended to the gathering, saying, “God has given his worker the decision between this world and that which is with God and he has picked the last mentioned.” Abu Bakr, understanding this to imply that Muhammad didn’t have long to live, reacted “Nay, we and our kids will be your payment.” Muhammad supported his companion and requested that every one of the entryways prompting the mosque be shut beside that which drove from Abu Bakr’s home, “for I realize nobody who is a preferable companion to me over he.”


Upon Muhammad’s demise, the Muslim people group was not ready for the deficiency of its chief and many encountered a significant shock. Umar was especially influenced, rather announcing that Muhammad had gone to talk with God and would before long return, undermining any individual who might say that Muhammad was dead.[56] Abu Bakr, having gotten back to Medina,[57] quieted Umar by showing him Muhammad’s body, persuading him regarding his death.[58] He then, at that point tended to the individuals who had assembled at the mosque, saying, “On the off chance that anybody adores Muhammad, Muhammad is dead. In the event that anybody loves God, God is alive, godlike”, along these lines stopping any loving motivation in the populace. He then, at that point finished up with a refrain from the Quran: “Muhammad is close to a missionary, and numerous missionaries have died before him

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