The Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel is considered the most significant of the relative multitude of holy messengers in Islam. In the Quran, the heavenly messenger is called Jibreel or the Holy Spirit.

The Angel Gabriel fundamental obligation is to convey the Words of Allah to His prophets. It is Jibreel who uncovered the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Angel Gabriel
The Angel Gabriel

Models From the Quran

The Angel Jibreel is referenced by name in a few stanzas of the Quran:
greetings for the people who accept – whoever is a foe to Allah and His holy messengers and witnesses, to Jibreel and Mikail (Michael) – gracious, Allah is a foe to the individuals who reject Faith” (2:97-98).

“In the event that both of you turn in apology to Him, your hearts are to be sure so slanted. Be that as it may, in the event that you back up one another against him, really Allah is his Protector, and Jibreel, and each noble one among the individuals who accept, and moreover, the heavenly messengers will back him up” (66:4).

In one more couple of refrains, notice is made of the Holy Spirit (Ruh), which all Muslim researchers concur alludes to the Angel Jibreel.

More Examples

Different insights concerning the nature and job of the Angel Jibreel come to us through Prophetic customs (hadith). Jibreel would appear to the Prophet Muhammad at selected occasions, to uncover stanzas of the Quran and request that he rehash them. The Prophet would then tune in, rehash, and retain the expressions of Allah. The Angel Jibreel would frequently assume the shape or type of a man when appearing to the prophets. At different occasions, he would share disclosure by voice as it were.

Umar related that a man once went to a get-together of the Prophet and his Companions – no one knew what his identity was. He was very white with white dress, and pure black hair. He continued to sit exceptionally near the Prophet and examined him exhaustively concerning Islam. At the point when the Prophet answered, the abnormal man told the Prophet that he had addressed accurately.
The Prophet Muhammad, be that as it may, was the one in particular who saw Jibreel in his normal structure. He depicted Jibreel as having 600 wings, that cover the sky from the earth to the skyline. One of the occasions he had the option to see Jibreel in his normal structure was during the Isra’ and Mi’raj.

It is additionally said that the Angel Jibreel did the obliteration of the city of Prophet Lot (Lut), by utilizing only the tip of one wing to flip around the city.

Jibreel is generally known for his significant job of moving and imparting Allah’s disclosure through the prophets, harmony arrive all.

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