In Islam we are instructed to be conscious towards our elderly folks. We read in a hadith:

Ibn Abbas revealed: The Prophet, harmony and favors arrive, said, “Gifts are with your seniors.”RESPECTING OF ELDERS IN ISLAM (Sahih Ibn Hibban)

Kind towards our seniors

In another hadith, we discover that we must be mindful and kind towards elderly folks, and that in doing as such we become nearer to the assistance of Allah. We read:

When the migrants got back to the Messenger of Allah, harmony and favors arrive, from across the ocean, the Prophet said, “Will you not inform me regarding the most stunning things you found in the place where there is Abyssinia?” They said, “obviously, O Messenger of Allah. While we were sitting, an old lady among the senior nuns passed by us conveying a container of water on top of her head.

As she passed by some young fellows among them, one of them pushed her back, she tumbled to her knees, and her container was broken. At the point when she got back up, she went to him and said: Soon you will know, swindler! At the point when Allah takes up the Throne and assembles the previous and last ages, and hands and feet are made to talk concerning what they have acquired, you will come to know mine and your undertaking right away.” The Prophet said, “She talked reality. She talked reality. How might Allah purify a country if their solid don’t uphold their powerless?” (Sunan Ibn Majah).


Compensations of aiding the old

This shows us how valuable it is for us when we do put forth an attempt to care for elderly folks and have persistence with them. Without a doubt, we are reminded that if Allah wills for us to live until that age, we will likewise encounter the preliminaries of advanced age. May Allah award the older strength and may He reward the people who help the old.

We discover that regarding the privileges of our seniors is important for being a Muslim. Ibn Abbas announced:

“The Messenger of Allah, harmony and endowments arrive, said, ‘He isn’t one of us who isn’t tolerant to our young, nor regards the privileges of our elderly folks, nor charges great, nor disallows evil.'” (Sunan al-Tirmidhi)

Illustration of The Prophet (SAW)

The Prophet (SAW) was exceptionally obliging with regards to the old and the battles they face. We read in a hadith:

Abu Huraira revealed: The Messenger of Allah, harmony and favors arrive, said, “In the event that one of you drives individuals in petition, let him ease up it as among them are the powerless, wiped out, and older. In the event that one of you implores without anyone else, let him petition God for however long he wishes.” (Sahih Bukhari)

In another hadith, we read that the Prophet (SAW) would consider the old and other people who might battle when trusting that the supplication will start. We read in a hadith:

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri revealed: We asked with the Messenger of Allah, harmony and gifts arrive, at dusk and he didn’t come out until half of the night had passed. The Prophet said, “Take your places.” We took our places and the Prophet said, “Verily, individuals have supplicated and set down in their beds, yet you keep on being in petition as long as you hang tight for supplication. Were it not for the shortcoming of the frail and the infection of the debilitated, I would postpone this supplication until half of the night had passed.” (Sunan Abi Dawud)

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