The day by day events where connections among Muslims and non-Muslims are stressed have turned into a basic issue in the new past. This is combined with the exposure that the Islam and the Muslim of west people group is generally given with regards to Islam and the Muslim world, and their positions seeing questionable issues like fear based oppressor exercises and militarization/weapon programs. In this paper, I investigate the generalizations which exist against Islam and the Muslim of the west people group.


Generalizations of Islam and Muslims in the West

The negative generalizations against the Muslim people group are believed to be deteriorated “by the significant ascent in logical and media distributions about Islam which occurred over the most recent thirty years” (Shadid 20-23). Moreover, events, for example, the Gulf War, the unrest in Afghanistan, the Rushdie issue and the Iranian insurgency has served just yet to build these generalizations (Shadid 20-23).

As Muslims keep on relocating to nations like those of the European Union, the generalizing of Muslims turns into a dubious and tense issue which ought not be ignored (Shadid 23-25). This is on the grounds that it has unfolded on the legislatures of Western Europe that their social orders will be enlarged with an impressive number of moving Muslims who’s social and strict foundations are unique (Halliday 223; Hippler 27-50).

The contacts between various people in such nations are commonly characterized by generalizations and bias. These events have been apparent in different reports, particularly in the media where the Muslim people group is portrayed as being unreasonable, perilous, crude, enthusiasts and combative (Halliday 23-43).

The Muslim people group thusly has loathed such proclamations or cliché explanations which is an aftereffect of speculation and improvement (Halliday 223; Hippler 27-50).

In this way, such speculation must be portrayed as “absence of ability which causes a flood in dream and passionate generalizing that demonstrates broken information” (Pool 27). In that capacity, the common contacts are portrayed by feelings, which are an essential necessity, particularly on how the course of shared connections ought to be directed (Pool 27-33; Halliday 223; Shadid 18-37).


The supposed speculation and generalizing in Western European nations can be followed back from the 1980s. Until current occasions, the media content is overflowing with cliché comments and explanations in regards to the Muslim people group. The media has been at the front in featuring the supposed peril of Islam, which has kept on notice the western world against the danger presented by Muslims.They incorporate the Chairperson of the Club of Rome, the previous secretary general of the North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO), political figures in traditional ideological groups particularly in locales like North America and Europe (Shadid 15). These distinctive models (and numerous others) show the hugeness of the circumstance where the west sees the Islamic people group in a cliché design. Such events have been viewed as underserved and unmerited (Pool 27-33; Shadid 18-37).

As indicated by Shadid there are rising quantities of individuals who keep on monitoring the cliché messages which have been passed across, and this keeps on deteriorating the negative picture of Muslims and Islam in western nations. This was obvious after Shadid made examinations of different distributions which investigated the danger of Islam and the Muslim people group toward the western nations and design such cliché messages in the domain of fantasy (Shadid 18-37).

As indicated by Shadid, the Islamic fantasy ought to be ignored on account of various reasons like the non-presence of huge military activity by the Islamic people group against the west. This is in opposition to experiences of Muslim settlers in the west who have regularly been defrauded and appended to psychological oppressor activities, which are generally moves toward sought after by fanatics.

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