What will Islam say concerning SUICIDE (THE END OF LIFE)?          

Sadness is real and Suicides are getting traditional. Life may be extreme, in fact exceptionally intense however is Suicide the end of issues? God says concerning SUICIDE (THE END OF LIFE) in al-Qur’an, Furthermore, do not off yourselves [or one another]. To be sure, God is to you ever Merciful [Quran 4: 29]. Individuals UN agency have dangerous plans ought to have faith in the explanation for life. ar we tend to give daily to day existence with the goal that we will have a good time? should not have any pain? Is it correct to mention that we tend to should not to have any battle? Tragically, some acknowledge that life is not meant to be a bed of roses but they say that they will not stand the battle. They feel that if they finish their life all the difficulties are going to be tackled. On the off likelihood that you simply bridle the dangerous plan and you are feeling such as you will stop the sport by usurping your life, you’re peripheral.

suicide (the end of life)
suicide (the end of life)


Suicide is Haram in Islam


Thabit Ibn Al-Dahak delineates that the Prophet [peace and endowments be upon him] same, “Whosoever commits suicide with something during this world are going to be tormented with it on the Day of Judgment. 


What’s a lot of, there’s another hadith, 


It is represented from Abu Hurayrah (R.A.), that the Prophet (S.A.W.) said: 


“Whoever hurls himself down from a mountain and commits suicide can hurl himself down within the hearth of Hell forever and ever. Whoever beverages nephrotoxic substances and commits suicide can style it within the hearth of Hell forever and ever. Whoever commits suicide with a chunk of iron can have that iron in his grasp, pushing it into his tummy within the hearth of Hell forever and ever.” (Sahih Bukhari: 5778) 


We as a full have problems. You do not know since everyone options their approval and not the problems. everyone has their battle. This life may be a check and everyone has an Associate in Nursing expressly planned inquiry paper for him/her. you must merely have sabr and appearance for facilitate from God. 


Allah will do all things. He will develop plants on rock, He will cause pelter in deserts, He will eliminate the obscurity of the evening, He will create birds fly within the air, He will offer Zakarriya Alaihe Salam a baby in his advanced age, He will save Yunus Alaihe Salam from the abdomen of a whale, He will fix Ayyub Alaihe Salam from the complaint, He will do something. 


We got to systematically have trust in God. God does not bother a spirit past he will bear. within the event that your check is tough, because you simply are a good understudy. God even rewards his slave for a prick of weed he suffers trying to find his pleasure. endlessly call up, Jannah is troublesome. it’s an unchanged delight. you’ll be able to not anticipate each one of the prizes of Jannah while not forfeiting something for God. 


Do people figure we’ll leave them locution we tend to settle for and that they will not be tried? Verily we’ve got tried people within the past so the honest are identified and therefore the liars are identified. (Qur῾an 29:2-3) 


We will check you with dread desire and by the decline in abundance, lives, and organic product crops. Happy greetings for the patient ones UN agency at the hour of misfortunes say, Verily we’ve got an area with God and to Him, we tend to come back. (Qur῾an 2:155-156) 


The answer for the assorted issues in life is not to finish one’s life, rather, to wait and appearance for facilitate from God God squarely and if necessary he would possibly counsel an expert. 


Ending one’s life is completely denied. Such a private can persistently be rebuffed when death in an exceedingly similar manner he had over his life. 

Life may be a trust from God. Life may be a check and if you pass it, the award is great. Have Sabr. strive to not surrender. Converse together with your treasured ones, visit those that love you, create new companions, hear Moslem talks, browse nice Moslem articles, accomplish one thing innovative, accomplish one thing that you simply love, Do dhikr of God, browse al-Qur’an and BE sturdy.


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