The  MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) was the last prophet of ALLAH. He spread Islam among the whole Arab. The life of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is simple.The life of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is tolerant,calm,full of kindness,forgiveness. Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was stranded at six years old when his mom had died and went to live with his granddad Abd-Al-Muttalib, who was responsible for giving the water of the Zam-Zam to travelers. However, when he was eight years of age, his granddad, as well, had died, and Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was taken in by his uncle Abu Talib and utilized in his fruitful procession business, so he was saved from an existence of subjugation or obligation experienced by such countless vagrants at that point. In a story that takes after that of Samuel in the Old Testament and others of that sort, it was on an exchanging endeavor to Syria, when Muhammad was just nine years of age, that a Christian priest named Bahira remembered him as “the Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds.”



At 25, when Muhammad was as yet unmarried and reliant upon his uncle, he met an extremely far-off cousin, Khadija, a wonderful widow, then, at that point, likely in her late thirties. Khadija was strange for a lady of her time, she was a regarded individual from Meccan culture and an exceptionally effective finance manager by her own doing. Notwithstanding his questionable social conditions, as per Ibn Hisham, Muhammad had gained notoriety for “honesty, unwavering quality, and honorability of character,” and Khadija shared him with taking a procession of merchandise to Syria and selling it. At the point when he got back with a greater number of benefits than she expected, she proposed union with him and he acknowledged, accordingly obtaining status and section into a Meccan culture. In spite of the fact that polygamy was the standard at that point, Muhammad and Khadija were in a monogamous marriage for a quarter-century until her passing. They had six kids.

As a vagrant himself, Muhammad would have known exactly that it was so natural to fall outside Mecca’s religious-monetary framework. With his marriage and his organizations progressing admirably, he presently approached a prosperous life. He saw firsthand that albeit the main groups of the Quraysh trusted in the one God, this conviction was not pertinent to their lives; they had failed to remember that everything relied on Him. Since they were rich, they clung to the exceptionally most exceedingly terrible parts of murawah and had discarded the best: they were self-important, foolish, tightfisted, and pompous; they had become conceited, done putting stock in everything except wealth and assumed no liability for individuals outside their nearby, world-class circle.

Muhammad considered the decrease in conventional qualities to be a danger to the actual presence of his clan. He was certain that social change must be founded on another profound establishment for it to really produce results. As a dealer, Muhammad came in continuous contact with Jews and Christians. As per the researcher Ikbal Ali Shah, Muhammad made “a comprehensive investigation of different religions.” He knew that his own kin, in spite of the fact that they trusted in al-Lah, comes up short on their very own hallowed book. ” “individuals of the Book” had classified Laws that were both strict and social, administering their conduct from daybreak to nightfall. His own kin had nothing of the sort and due to this their lives were in disorder, many were enduring and dejected, and the entire clan was at risk for elimination.

Prior to the disclosures, he had no clue that his predetermination is executed these essential changes. He was from a minority group, the Hashim, and researchers bring up that, just the same as different prophets before him, he at first needed nothing to do with what was befalling him and was very surprised, to such an extent that without Khadija’s intercession “Mohammad may have proceeded with his arrangement to end everything, and history would have turned out in an unexpected way,”

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